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Take the supervillain quiz; it is your destiny!

1. Why did you choose a life of villainny?

I just want a little respect.
I want to take my revenge on the world for mocking me!
I seek to right the wrongs of corporate society, by any means necessary...
Too long have I been's time for Revolution!!!
Because I'm just plain evil.
I crave pure power!

2. Who is your archenemy?

Society in general.
Hmmm...I'd say good people.
All Humans! I hate them!
Those who doubt my powers.
The Man! He's been keeping me down!
The fool who destroyed my dreams.

3. What is your eventual goal?

Sow chaos and perpetrate evil!
I will make myself a household name! No longer will they be able to shun me!
I will destroy those who mock my values!
I wanna be a supervillain!
I seek power for power's sake, but respect would be nice too...
Overthrow the animalocracy on this planet.

4. What is your favorite conveyance?

I have a tank!
I don't really have a favorite, but I like to fly.
I just drive my own car.
Nothing will do for me but a limosine.
A giant walking robot. They're cool!
I have been known to use taxis.

5. What is your highest level of education?

If you have to ask, you're less educated than me.
I was thrown out of school.
I graduated from Night School.
I picked up a trade.
My mental prowess is unmatched; school is really unnecessary.
I got no time for schoolin'!

6. Who does your evil bidding?

I have many henchmen who live only to await my command.
I have one loyal henchman now, but I can make more.
I have loyal henchWOmen.
I do my own evil bidding!
I force my will on whomever it suits me to use.
I have assembled a crack team of villains to do MY evil bidding!

7. What weapons do you use to accomplish your nefarious purposes?

I built a giant punching mitt.
My souffle will destroy the city!
I once had a gigantic laser cannon, but it's gone now...
The Thinking Cap.

© 2002 Michael Legg unless specifically noted. All Tick images are owned by New England Comics, Fox, and Ben Edlund