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The Tick #8: A Matter of Cosmic Import...and other stories...

The Tick #8: A Matter of Cosmic Import...and other stories...

First published: July 1990

Writer: Ben Edlund; Inker: Dave Garcia; Letterer: Bob Polio; Editor: George Suarez; Proofreader: Larry Boyd; Penciller: Ben Edlund; Art Director: Bob Polio

This comic was printed in The Tick Omnibus #2 (Thursday Ad Infinitum) and it was printed as Chroma-Tick #8.

The Tick #8: A Matter of Cosmic Import...and other stories...

After saving the moon (or, most of it anyway) from Chairface Chippendale, The Tick comes home to show Arthur. The pair move up to the roof to look, where Tick gets hit in the head with a meteor while trying to explain to Arthur why the moon had CHA written on it.

Tick and Arthur then go through an interesting day involving Arthur's insecurities and the aliens which live in the meteor, all of which convinces Tick that they should move to New York (supervillain central!) to get Arthur away from his 'bad' influences. Arthur is unconvinced and invites Dot over for dinner.

During the dinner, two triggermen show up to get revenge for Chairface but they learn (the hard way) that Tick is bulletproof. They decide to use the Nigh-Invulnerable gun, but it takes them awhile to put it together (while Tick throws various items at them like stop signs and a mailbox) and just when it looked like the triggermen would take out the Tick,
The Man Eating Cow ate them both. Seeing a cow eat the triggemen convinces Arthur that he is not crazy (?) and that they should really move to New York.

This issue features these Superheroes:
The Tick, Arthur, The Sultan, The Cape, The Visible Man, and Ullysses Bang.

This issues features these Villains:
King Crime, The Red Eye.

Tick gets hit with a meteor.

Tick gets hit in the head with a meteor. His comment? "You know, the novelty kind of wears off after the first few times..."

Prepare to meet your mail!

Tick prepares a postal attack!




Tick with the Man Eating Cow

The Tick and the Man Eating Cow bond heroically.


The Tick
Hey, don't knock crazy. The Romans were crazy and they got all the girls.
I promise to suppress my every urge.
Your brother has not done justice to your beauty with his words. You are the spitting image of Thelma from Scooby Doo.
Ow! Damn these meteors!!
Hey you! Silly sniper persons! You can't kill the Tick with mere bullets!!
I'm very mad now. I may even be tingling.
Wicked men! Cease your antics, or I may be forced to assault you with the U.S. Postal System!
Prepare to meet your mail!!
All right! Bovine intervention!!!
You know, I never even thought about EATING the criminals. Could be effective.

Hi Arthur I - Oh God, you're still wearing that outfit.
Dad really screwed you up, didn't he?

Tick, get down! That was a bullet!!
A cow just ate the both of them…

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