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The Tick #4: A Big Fight

The Tick #5: Early Morning of a Million Zillion Ninjas

First published: August 1989

Creator: Ben Edlund; Penciller: Max Banks; Art Director: Bob Polio; Editor: George Suarez; Proofreader: Larry Boyd; Cover Colorist: Richard Edlund; Letterer: Bob Polio; Writer: Ben Edlund; Inker: Max Banks

This comic was printed in The Tick: The Naked City and The Tick Omnibus #1 and it was printed as Chroma-Tick #5.

The Tick #5: Early Morning of a Million Zillion Ninjas

The Tick #5 completes the Million Zillion Ninja story line and officially ties The Tick and Arthur to their Superhero-sidekick relationship. The episode begins with Tick finishing his destruction of Ninja World (which is a pity; I'd have liked to visit it someday...and they can't rebuild because District Manager didn't buy Superhero insurance) and going to visit Oedipus in the emergency room. Arthur and Paul the Samurai both follow him there, which of course brings in Sagin for the final showdown...

Tick, Paul, and Arthur meet to discuss strategy on the roof but of course they have left Oedipus alone and she's taken hostage by Sagin. (they should have had Amanda in there; she might be more evil than Sagin). When Sagin threatens Oedipus Tick threatens to throw the Thorn off of the roof, but (SPOILER HERE) drops it on accident. Sagin leaps off of the roof to try to save it but he learns that Ninjas can't fly.

Afterwards, Tick makes a discovery (he has pockets!) and he formally accepts Arthur as his sidekick, setting up more hilarity in future issues.

This issue features these Superheroes:
Oedipus (Oedipus Ashley Stevens), The Tick, Paul the Samurai, Arthur

This issues features these Villains:
The Ninjas, District Manager, Sagin

The Tick listens to his brain.

Tick has a private moment with his thoughts.

Guess who's wearing a costume!

Tick makes a discovery...

Tick and Arthur announce their relationship.

Tick and Arthur formally recognize their Sidekick - Superhero relationship.



The Tick:
This whole Ninja thing is getting out of hand. Blood covers The City like a big red afghan.
Last night I almost had a lucid moment.
That makes three. Three against a million zillion. I've seen better odds. But we've got destiny on our side.
The Tick never bluffs!
Speak up, amigo! I can barely hear you over the roar of this yawning abyss!
My God…My God! I have pockets!!!
Arthur, you CAN be my sidekick! But please shut up! You're boring the hell out of me!

District Manager:
We don't have any super-hero insurance.

Paul the Samurai:
We want to swim in the hot, flowing river of our foes' blood!
Honorless dog! You would hide behind a child for protection! That Stinks!!!
I cannot, honorable lunatic.

The Ninjas:
District Manager! The rest of our Ninjas have returned from the airport battle!…and they need cab fare!

Ninjitsu is an interpretive art form….

This isn't a comic book, you know.
You're like a magnet, an adventure magnet.

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