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The Tick #4: A Big Fight

The Tick #4: A Big Fight

First published: April 1989

Writer: Ben Edlund; Inker: Max Banks; Letterer: Bob Polio; Editor: George Suarez; Penciller: Ben Edlund; Producer: Bob Polio

This comic was printed in The Tick: The Naked City and The Tick Omnibus #1 and it was printed as Chroma-Tick #4.

The Tick #4: A Big Fight

Issue 4: A Big Fight is the continuation of the Ninja storyline. Tick gets to dress up in a tux and tries to mingle at Oedipus's party, but Amanda scares him so badly he hyperventilates. The Ninjas finally decide to attack, and Tick fights them off pretty well, but not before Oedipus is injured.

Seeing the injury to Oedipus shakes up the Tick and he nearly has a lucid moment and becomes quite upset. He runs through The City being plagued by demons of self-doubt and blame, and eventually decides it is his destiny to go and destroy Ninja world.

Meanwhile, Arthur makes his first foreground appearance when he takes the Thorn of Oblivion from its hiding place and flies away with it.

Angry Tick
Several other new characters are introduced in this issue. The leader of the Ninja coalition and the boss of District Manager is Sagin, who lives in Japan. When Sagin comes to visit Ninja World Paul the Samurai, who hopes to use the Thorn of Oblivion to force a final confrontation with Sagin, follows him. The issue ends with everyone going to meet the hospital where Oedipus was taken.

This issue features these Superheroes:
Oedipus (Oedipus Ashley Stevens), The Tick, Paul the Samurai, Arthur

This issues features these Villains:
Ninjas, District Manager, Sagin

Tick in a Tux!
Tick's stylin' in a tuxedo borrowed from Lurch (Oedipus's former butler)

I think this is a scene from Tick's near-lucid moment; he's upset that Oedipus was hurt and he blames himself.


The Tick:
I feel just like Uncle Wiggly!
Well, not too bad Ol' Tick. Ol' Ticker. Ol Tickman. The sky is limitless. You've escaped the world of tupperware! To life…liberty…and the pursuit of heaviness…
What I need now is some good denial…

Paul the Samurai:
First, I must meditate…armor my mind against the madness of Western thinking. And now…I BAKE!
The battle is a short one. I weave a lethal net of baked goods that few can escape.

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