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Sounds from the Live Tick series

The Tick Java devil, you are now my bitch.
The Tick No need to thank me. It's my sworn duty to defend this bus station against the ravages of evil.
The Tick This wasn't a magic hubcap, the magic was within you all along.
The TickDestiny honks the horn of gotta go.
The TickWicked men, you face the Tick!
The TickOh, awkward moment...
The Tick ...although I would like a slice of your righteous combat pie.
The TickGravity is a harsh mistress.
The TickA secret message from my teeth!
The Tick Nope.
The Tick Nope!
The Tick Great Molly Hatchet!
The Tick Nope.
Arthur I am more than just a mild-mannered accountant.
Arthur I am going to become a superhero! ...You know...part time at first...
Arthur It's really more of a moth thing.
Arthur Well, it's been a shattering disillusionment. Goodnight.

Arthur Apparently superheroes are just a bunch of egotistical, self-centered, sexually frustrated kindergartners. No offense intended.
The Tick None comprehended.

(Mr. Fishladder) Crime fights back!
(Mr. Fishladder) Remember the lesson of Metcalfe!
(Bartender from the Lonely Panda) Suit doesn't do a lot for you. Make you look like a Easter bunny.
(Bartender from the Lonely Panda) Easter bunny cannot fly.
(Bartender from the Lonely Panda) I think he's going to fall down a lot and die.
Batmanuel (Cell phone rings) Batmanuel...
Batmanuel I am Batmanuel!
Batmanuel No, I'm telling you Falco died. Si, "Amadeus, Amadeus." He is a dead person.
Batmanuel (Cell phone rings) Batmanuel. On a roof, of course!
Captain Liberty Gentlemen, Captain Liberty. Once again the nation is in peril.
Captain Liberty Ground one to airship. Target the Eurotrash and fire on my command...
The TickDeath. The eternal blink; a capricious dance of 'now you stop movin' forever.'
The TickWhat I wouldn't give to be in your sparkly gold moccasins today.
The TickBachman Turner Overdrive! He [The Immortal] once fought a guy who was made entirely of blackholes! Heavy...
The TickSounds like right to me...
The TickWe've got to get hep to the big sneaky if we're gonna slip our dead friend into this hotel room without being seen.
The TickHere's what I don't get, chum; The Immortal talks about the hardships of growing up poor and dyslexic, he lists all of the incredible things that he's done and yet nowhere in his book does he mention the fact that he's dead.
The TickSqueeze the milk of life into your dirty glass and drink it warm.
The TickI could throw him that far…
The TickEwww! All stiff and stale!
The TickWell, look at me, babblin' like the brook that knew too much.
The TickBye, Mortie!
Batmanuel Yes, well, that's the sort of skullduggery one must expect at computer camp.
Batmanuel Also, I hear he's gay. Yeah, Janet, when you pick him up at the airport ask him if he's gay.
Batmanuel Wait, five years ago you were a man. A grown man. An adult man, waiting in the snow like a ten year old for...oh no, no, no, no, no, this is not what men do...
Batmanuel So you are a man, after all.
Batmanuel Batmanuel...What?...No, slow down Janet. You WHAT?
Batmanuel Don't blame yourself…even if others do…
Batmanuel I'm a better hero than the Immortal; I've slept with you lots of times and I never died.
Captain Liberty You're gonna get us thrown into jail, you dinks!
ArthurI had his official sleeping bag. The one with all the pictures of him on it. Oh, some kid filled it with rocks and dumped it into Lake Kennapaki.
ArthurYou're The Immortal! You can't die!
ArthurHow can I be a superhero in a world where The Immortal can die? He was THE IMMORTAL!!! I'm...I'm...I'm just hypoglycemic; what chance can I possibly have?
(General) I'm startin to like the cut of this man's jibberish...
The TickNot so ready anymore, are we, Mr. Takin' Stuff…
The TickOoh - 'Combustible Justice!' Good one!
The TickHello...I am the Tick!
The TickMandingo, how I grok your mouth music!
The TickI am the Man of La Mancha. My dream is impossible...
The TickYou're on a first name basis with lucidity, little friend, I have to call it Mr. Lucidity, and that's no good in a pinch.
The TickWhat kind of Frankenscience could make that possible?
The TickI smell sweaty-drinky uncle person...
ArthurBut, he doesn't literally KICK you, right?
(Fiery Blaze) Guttersnipe! Stop now or face the combustible justice of Fiery Blaze!
(Fiery Blaze) Well, I think that put out his candle, Friendly.
(Fiery Blaze) Way to cling, fire…good and needy!
(Fiery Blaze) Take it from a veteran, Bunny Man; all he's saying is 'Like me or I'll swallow a bottle of pills!'
Batmanuel We're too attractive to be lonely.
Batmanuel Alone is an unfortunate predicament, Lone is an aesthetic choice.
Captain Liberty Damn It! Stay out of mommy's hand grenades!

Captain Liberty Do you always have to hide behind sex?
Batmanuel I can't help it; it's just so big.

(Pet Store Clerk) What you need is a singles' chatroom, ma'am, not some living creature!
(Pet Store Clerk) Well, I don't think I'm going to be able to help you, maam. Why don't you go rent a videotape or something; instead of ruining some poor puppy's life with your single woman hormone, clock is ticking, impulse buying nonsense.
(Johnny Republic) Yeah, and he gets to wear body armor and a helmet. And I get stuck with this little flimsy thing rignt here! One layer of spandex. And these bright colors, man! Who do you think they're gonna shoot at first?
(Fishboy) Yeah, he makes fun of my webs!
The TickI am The Tick.
The TickArthur, I am a citizen of the moment. I built my white picket fence around the "now" with a commanding view of the "soon to be".
(Sibyl Cyllum) Here we are at the Grand Canyon. Do you remember being at the Grand Canyon?
The Tick
I remember vaguely making a Grand Canyon…was that the same trip?
The TickDear, I was wondering if this would be a good time to go out on patrol?
The TickMight this be an opportune moment for me to dash out and conduct a little patrol of the area?
The TickDear lady who thinks I'm her husband; we've been through a lot together. The good times, the bad times, the me not allowed to go on patrol times. We want different things. You want a home and a husband and a family. I wan to be the yin to villainy's malevolent yang. One of us is clearly nuts. You probably think it's me, which is okie-dokie.
Batmanuel Oh, look at this! Can you believe this? That little weasel The Weasel got his name on the front page again, not to mention a picture which, by the way, just shows you what a weasel he is.
Captain LibertyWe got a guy stuck halfway up a robot's ass, that's what we got.
ArthurBut really, gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. Balancing the books - that's the battle I want to win.
Captain LibertyDo you ever stop?


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