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The Tick vs. The Terror
Episode Nine, Season One

Original air date: Never Aired!

The Tick vs. The Terror

The Tick vs. The Terror was originally filmed with the intent to air it as episode #2, but Fox and the producers were unhappy with the original version of it and asked that it be rewritten and filmed and thus aired later in the series. This is unfortunate for three reasons; first and foremost because by being moved to the end of the run The Tick vs. The Terror was never actually aired in the United States at all. Secondly, airing The Funeral was never intended to air second in the show; and when it did many people pointed out continuity problems that arose because this episode wasn't in between. Finally, the real shame is that we'll probably never see the original version of this episode; we'll only see the toned-down version that was finally aired overseas. *sigh*

This is, in my opinion, the funniest of the Live Tick episodes. The Tick is clueless as always, but in this episode it works in a way that is absent in most of these episodes. Although Armin Shimerman wasn't tall and thin like The Terror from the comics and cartoon, his portrayal was actually pretty good; I was pleasantly surprised.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Batmanuel, Captain Liberty, and Metcalf

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Terror

I have this episode in .MP4 format and am sharing it via AOL Instant Messagner; my screen name is SuperLeggman and I'm on at least a few days each week. Let me know if you want it!

Arthur is broken!

Arthur is broken!


555-2424; the Terror line!


The Tick:
Arthur is broken! Give me 200 cc's of tender loving care, stat!
Say, do you think you could sup him up a bit? Maybe give him a metal arm with a laser or something?
I believe the talking box will come in handy…
Clearly another of one of your special talents we need to add to our list of resources…Arthur's driving obsession to organize…
Retain that anus! One day it's fruit may be the only thing that stands between us and total oblivion!
I think it's time we grappled with the core of your being.
You know me Arthur, you always have. I am the you that you want to be. The only thing stopping you from being me is you.
I've heard of fear…
Virtue man! You're fat with it!
Step one; we need an archenemy. The most powerful, deadly, and brilliant criminal mastermind we can find. Someone who will burn his fetid midnight oil hatching up a thousand plots to annihilate us. Someone within easy commuting distance would be a plus.
We'll put an end to your reign of Te…you're reign of YOU!
Don't be an Adolf Quitler!
Inside that wretched nut of doom lies the life…the very life you wanted!
Don't be a cry baby…be a try baby!
He was seven feet tall if he was a day!
I know you been around awhile, but Wow! You're extra old!
Hindsight? You mean sight that comes out of your…
When you get in bed with evil incarnate, it always takes the covers.
You can toast me till I'm burnt and crumby.

Shock, contusions, possible neck injury, second degree teat singing…

Fire! Big cow…
Giving the Tick the Terror's phone number is like giving a child a loaded gun…pointed at me!

Captain Liberty :
He threw a dump truck at Apocalypse Cow. A dump truck!
(To the Tick) Frankly, I was just trying to kill you.
I'm gonna need a machine to poop that cake!

Batmanuel's hard earned savings don't grow on trees.
Vending machine coffee…it's come to this…
Hello! I got the poison lobster!

The Terror :
I'll fold ya in my wallet and spend ya on a whore!
I'm gonna tuck you in for a dead nap, Betty!
You're gonna have a bootprint for a face, pansy!

Life is a quantity vs. quality thing.

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