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Arthur, Interrupted
Episode Eight, Season One

Original air date: 1-24-2002

Arthur, Interrupted

Alas, this was the last live episode of The Tick aired. It was actually one of the first taped, though, so some of the elements from the beginning of the show are back (The Panda, The Cape) but there isn't anything off chronologically. The premise of this episode is that Arthur has to tell his mother and sister (Dot) that he has chosen to be a superhero and that he lives with the Tick.

They continue the subtle insinuations that being a superhero is roughly analogous to being gay, and that's pretty funny. Mom and Dot eventually have Arthur committed by Francis Peacock (Dave Foley), a superhero psychiatrist who can 'cure' their 'addiction'. Peacock really just seems to have jealousy issues and wants to destroy the heroes, but hey, no one's perfect.

Tick rapidly goes (more) insane without Arthur and eventually Batmanuel, Captain Liberty, and Tick bust him out.

The funniest things in this episode are (1) hearing Tick say 'we're makin' gravy without the lumps! (an Evil Midnight Bomber quote from The Tick vs. The Tick) and (2) seeing Francis Peacock dancing around in his office wearing Arthur's moth suit and listening to the theme from 'Greatest American Hero'

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Batmanuel, Captain Liberty, and The Cape

This episode features these Supervillains:


Tick's breakfast looks a lot like someone...

An intervention

Francis Peacock tries to comfort Arthur


I'd like to see the little fella who left this behind...


The Tick:
Captain Liberty is not at liberty…ironic…
I'm on the edge of my seat!
Look at me…I'm out there. I'm WAY out there!
We've got a devilishly clever commode here.
Arthur's words do nothing for your nervous, white-knuckled beauty…
We're makin' gravy without the lumps!
I'm mad at bad!
That was the mom and Dot of last week. The mom and Dot of this week are much nicer.
That is icky to infinity.
Dottie, you tell that boy of yours that his uncle and his blue friend are a crime fighting duo. A two-headed cobra of goodness slithering down the path of righteousness leaving its venom deep in the hindquarters of evil.

If you have to say anything, use the quite voice we practiced.

Captain Liberty:
You haven't told your mother that you're…super?
Villains can smell a closeted superhero a mile away.

Perhaps the moment is inopportune but I find your sister strangely compelling…
I know that scent…a soccer mommy! My only weakness…
I'd make the argument that nothing is more important than Fondue.
Fine. Batmanuel will eat your Fondue and his Fondue. No Fondue for you. You get no Fondue! You Fondue? No can do. You Fondue? I do too…I Fondue you…
Poetic justice! (Arthur) Is there any other kind? (Tick) Puppet show justice.

Francis Peacock:
Why is it that you chose your own name as your superhero identity?
Oh, yeah…who's super now? I think it's you, Francis!

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