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The Big Leagues
Episode Six, Season One

Original air date: 12-21-2001

The Big Leagues

The Big Leagues was a pretty good episode, but not one of the best. Tick and Arthur are invited to join the very exclusive League of Superheroes which turns out to be more or less a snobbish frat. Captain Liberty feels snubbed and sues the league, but her lawyer is also The Champion, the head of the league.

Probably the funniest things about this episode is watching the jibes at Superman. Of course, seeing those made me think about The Caped Wonder from the comics, and the spoofing there was a lot funnier.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Batmanuel, and Captain Liberty, Tiny Man, and The Champion.

This episode features these Supervillains:

Don't touch the sacred parchment!

Don't Touch the Sacred Parchment!



Tick and Arthur are initiated to the League of Superheroes


The Tick:
In the last million years? Twice.
Your UFO collection…I mean, who knew?
A bit heinycentric for my taste.
Captain Liberty, we are your friends even though we are betraying you.
That petty criminal needs a good swift kick in his bad pants!
You snobby snobheads! I'm glad we ripped your high-falutin' parchment!
Tick, Steve Filbert, and the Champion are the same person?

Yeah, right, who are they kidding. Bonus! They just want to bone-us.
Feed Batmanuel. Charity begins at Batmanuel's home. A Batmanuel is a terrible thing to waste.
Batmanuel is mired in much litigation.
Are you capable of kicking Arthur's doughy, white behind?

Dear Tick and Sidekick…hey, that's me!

The Champion:
You don't go on patrol without a photographer!
Please tell me you're recording this…it's Batmanuel! This is going on the blooper reel for sure…

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