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Episode Three, Season One

Original air date: 12-5-2001


This episode centers on the relationship between The Tick and Arthur. It reminds me a bit of The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account, but of course this one has no villain.

The show features a comparison of the Tick and Arthur's relationship and other superheroes and their sidekicks, especially Fiery Blaze and Friendly Fire. Friendly leaves Blaze (who is domineering and uncaring) and tries to convince Arthur to leave The Tick, but after meeting the other sidekick's in the support group Arthur realizes he and Tick don't have it so bad after all...

An interesting (and very funny) subplot is Captain Liberty seeking companionship with a pet; let's just say some people aren't meant to own dogs...

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Batmanuel, Captain Liberty, Fiery Blaze, Friendly Fire, Johnny Republic, Fish Boy (The Lost Prince of Atlantis), and Kid Caboose.

Heroes Named but not appearing:
Uncle Samson, The Angler, and Runaway Train.

This episode features these Supervillains:


Tick and Fiery Blaze share some war stories


The Sidekick's Support Group


The Tick:
Not so runny anymore, are we, Mr. Takin' Stuff…
Arthur, look at your accuracy! You picked the softest spot on the roof!
Ooh - 'Combustible Justice!' Good one!
Hello...I am the Tick!
Lordy, Gents…your banter is immaculate!
Mandingo, how I grok your mouth music!
Who can deny the snazzy of that? Are you denying the snazzy of that?
Lots of people work alone…lonely people, for example.
I am the Man of La Mancha. My dream is impossible...
I know what toothpaste is…
Go tell it on the mountain!
I'm always expecting someone, Arthur…
He doesn't know where to go…without his better half he is lost without a paddle in the ocean of his own notions…
You're on a first name basis with lucidity, little friend, I have to call it Mr. Lucidity, and that's no good in a pinch.
What kind of Frankenscience could make that possible?
We're more than just a duo, we're a duocracy.
I smell sweaty-drinky uncle person...

I've got to work on my landings.
Maybe that's because there's only room in your life for yourselves.
But, he doesn't literally KICK you, right?

We fill in each other's weak spots. You're bullet proof, for example, and I'm not.

Fiery Blaze:
Guttersnipe! Stop now or face the combustible justice of Fiery Blaze!
Well, I think that put out his candle, Friendly.
When it comes to battling Villainy's tide of fiends, I say the more the merrier!
Way to cling, fire…good and needy!
Take it from a veteran, Bunny Man; all he's saying is 'Like me or I'll swallow a bottle of pills!'
Sidekick's supposed to put the cap back on the toothpaste!

Friendly Fire:
I said you can kiss my ash and I walked right out of there!
This is Arthur, he kicks for the Tick.

Bat Manuel:
We're too attractive to be lonely.
Alone is an unfortunate predicament, Lone is an aesthetic choice.
On the bright side, at least he can't bark with a hand grenade in his mouth…

Captain Liberty:
You actually expect me to pick up a dog's crap?
Damn It! Stay out of mommy's hand grenades!
Do you always have to hide behind sex? (Batmanuel) I can't help it; it's just so big.

Pet Store Clerk:
What you need is a singles' chatroom, ma'am, not some living creature!
Well, I don't think I'm going to be able to help you, maam. Why don't you go rent a videotape or something; instead of ruining some poor puppy's life with your single woman hormone, clock is ticking, impulse buying nonsense.

Johnny Republic:
Yeah, and he gets to wear body armor and a helmet. And I get stuck with this little flimsy thing right here! One layer of spandex. And these bright colors, man! Who do you think they're gonna shoot at first?

Yeah, he makes fun of my webs!

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