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The Tick live action was cancelled. Its' 8 episodes ran from November 8, 2001 to January 24, 2002 (though I've been told it is currently (May 2003) running in Australia).

In all, I thought Live Tick was interesting and pretty funny, though not as good as the cartoon. All of the episodes had a few moments of true hilarity, and the new characters Batmanuel and Captain Liberty were very good. Arthur was about the same as always; in many cases he was the center of the story as Tick is simply Tick and he's not prone to many problems that make for good plots. Unfortunately, the Tick himself fared poorly in this iteration, becoming overly stupid and simple.
The show was crippled from the start with poor support from Fox, though, and low budgets meant few villains and no combat scenes. I really wish that the series had some more time to evolve; I felt that even with its shortcomings it could have developed into something great.

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