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Tick Merchandise on Ebay

A good place to pick up Tick merchandise is eBay! . I bought a complete set of all 36 Tick cartoons here last year and they worked out well.

All Tick Items

Tick on VHS
These are usually cartoon only and run about $30 and will vary depending on the taping speed and the number of tapes used. The set that I got were taped 6 episodes per tape on 6 tapes and they work out well. I have recently seen a few sets of the live series posted; they went for around $20 and were 2 tapes with 4 episodes on each (no The Tick vs. The Terror).

The Tick on VCD
These have recently come to include all 44 episodes on 12-15 CD's, both cartoon and live series (still no The Tick vs. The Terror, though) and they are going for around $40. Be careful, though, that you have something that you can use to play VCD's; my DVD player won't play them so they are pretty useless to me.

The Tick on DVD
I have seen a lot of these recently. They seem to be culled from the same .AVI files that the fileshares have had for years, so their quality is somewhat limited. The live series has an official release of all 9 episodes on DVD, though, so I guess there's hope for the future.

Tick Comics

Tick Figures

Note: I am not affiliated with the sellers of these items! If you get a bad item or you think the description was not accurate, contact the seller and Ebay first. If you do get a bad seller, let me know and I'll post their name here.

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