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Season Two Credits

Executive Producers:
Joe Bacal
Tom Griffin
C.J. Kettler

Supervising Producer:
Stephanie Graziano

Hank Tucker

Ben Edlund

Creative Consultant:
Nina I. Hahn

Coordinating Producer:
Bonni Freeman

Story Editors:
Ben Edlund
Richard Liebmann-Smith

Music and Title Song by:
Doug Katsaros

Creative Consultation by:

Associate Producer:
Christina Mahotz

Production Assistant:
Joel Albrecht

Production Manager:
Bryan Kregg

Production Assistants:
Tyrone Birkett
Tamara Shear
Christina Morawski
Joshua Herbert

Animation Directors:
Jeff Hall
Sue Peters
Hank Tucker
Dora Case
Bob Treat

Timing Director:
Jeff Hall

Assistant Director:
Erik Jan Peterson

Track Readers:
Pete Grives
Rob Desales
Laurie Wetzler

Model Design:
Ben Edlund
Andres Nieves
David Manners
Chris McCulloch

Color Modelist:
Trish Mendelson

Ink & Paint:
Helga Vanden Berge

Background Layout Design:
Claude Denis

Background Color Design:
Philip Kim

Prop Design:
Andres Nieves
David Manners
Frederick J. Gardiner
Darrel Bowen
Brad Morris
Keith Matz

Chris McCulloch
Robin Ator
Elaine Hultgren
Larry Latham
Warren Greenwood
Chuck Harvey
Perry Kiefer
Kuni Bowen
Steve Gordon
Jack Carver
Dick Sebast
Ernie Gaunlao
Gordon Klimes
Brandon Kruse
Brian Clark
Andre Nieves
David Manners

Voices Directed by:
Susan Blu

Voice Talents of:

Townsend Coleman
The Tick
Rob Paulsen
Jess Harnell
Sewer Urchin
Cam Clarke
Die Fledermaus
Kay Lenz
American Maid

Voices Recorded at:
Screen Music

Recording Engineer:
Deb Adair

Additional Recording Services:
Marc Graue

Recording Post Production Supervisor:
Gil Iverson

Pete Grives
Rob DeSales

Post Production Facilities:
Complete Post, Inc.
Telecine Colorist:
Trent Johnson
On-Line Editor:
Cheryl Campsmith
David Houck

West Productions, Inc.
Sound Production Supervisor: Matt Preble
Supervising Sound Editor:
Rick Hinson
Re-Recording Mixers:
John Boyd
Stuart Calderon
Music Editing:
Salami Studios

Overseas Animation Facility:
Akom Production Company

Overseas Supervisor:
Alex Greychuck

Executive in Charge of Production:
Carole Weitzman

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