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The Tick Costumes

These are pictures of the costumes used on the Live Tick show that have been sold on E-bay. Click on the image for a full-size picture.

Captain Liberty
Captain LibertyCaptain Liberty
Bat Manuel's Costume includes:

Black stretch nylon padded muscle suit covered with a Mustard cotton long sleeve, large collared v-neck shirt and matching tights. The collar has metal eye holes and leather laces that continue down the front of the shirt.

Snake patterned felt material is used as trim on the v-neck, arms, and sides of the shirt.

The Black imitation Persian Lamb, leather laced gauntlets have black nylon stretch gloves with small "B M" patches.

The belt is black leather with black leather laces woven onto the edges. The buckle is faux gold/silver with a "B M" patch glued to it.

There is also a faux snakeskin cod piece with straps that tie to the belt in the back of the Costume.

The cape has black leather and leather laced trim and light red soft suede lining. The back of the cape has gold/bronze iridescent material with a brown overlay of nylon netting.

The Black leather boots (9-1/2) have matching imitation Persian Lamb cuffs and leather laces woven on the edges and gold/black "B M" patches.

Also included is a faux gold metal necklace with "B M" with a red rhinestone in the center.

The Captain Liberty costume consists of:

Gold plastic liberty head piece.

Burgundy velvet body suit with gold/burgundy shoulder pieces(attached by Velcro) and a see-through, star-shaped panel, framed by a gold rubber star.

The lower portion of the body suit has gold leather v-cut shorts and burgundy fish net stockings.

Gold leather with vinyl burgundy details gauntlets.

Gold with burgundy details , knee high, high heel (size 8.5) boots.

Burgundy velvet mini-cape with gold reflective lining.

Captain Liberty sold for $600; the highest so far.

Fiery Blaze
The Immortal
Fiery BlazeFiery BlazeFiery Blaze
The ImmortalThe ImmortalThe Immortal

Fiery Blaze's custom consists of:

A black and burgundy poly blend shirt (XL)
with shoulder, chest and forearm fiery foam pieces, attached Velcro.

Black plastic belt.
Burnt orange foam cod piece.

Black poly blend (34) pants.

Burnt orange boots with black plastic simulated cuffs that match the belt.


The Immortal suit consists of:

Silver bodysuit with purple stripes.
Silver plastic cod piece
A pair of silver painted "Tony Lama" boots (9.5)with plastic and tin purple/silver faux armor pieces.
Molded plastic torso painted with faux silver and black paint, shoulder guards with tin and plastic winged cape holders.
The outer edges of the neck and torso have purple foam piping trim.
The cape is purple nylon criss-crossing straps on the back and a waist strap with snap together clips.

The helmet is also made of silver and black faux finished molded plastic with purple trim, the wings are Silver/Black and Purple.

The Red Scare / Destroyo
Red Scare / Destroyo

This costume was originally The Red Scare for the pilot and was eventually modified to be Destroyo for The Tick vs. Justice. Overall, it is a pretty good costume; and there are a lot of nice details, and this piece comes with the little hammer and sickle that Red Scare was using to try to kill Jimmy Carter. It was put up on e-Bay on March 21, 2003 and when it closes I'll post the finish price.

Check out the Auction!

Red Scare Arms Red Scare Boots

The Tick

The Tick suits were made of molded rubber. There were actually many Tick suits created for the show, one for each episode, and many of the suits had small flaws (see armpit inset to left).

The coolest part of the suit isn't shown here; the antennae. The antennae used in the show were actually motorized and a puppeteer controlled the antennae during shooting with a remote control unit.

The Tick costume pictured to left was #9 and it was sold on E-bay; despite the small flaws it sold for $1425.

Alternatively, you could have bid on a cowl that went with the Tick costume on E-bay; it went for $362. The interesting thing about this is that it doesn't seem to fit with the costume above; so I wonder if they had the cowl for scenes where Tick was just shot from the neck up. If anyone knows, drop me a line!


You can still buy the Tick costume shown below; it is for sale on for $2500. Did I mention that it's almost my birthday? :)The Tick

Tick Cowl

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