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The Tick has been the star of many comics. Unfortunately, there have been several different series by different authors and many one-shot comics over the years, so it's not too easy to follow the Tick time line anymore. Here's my attempt at the Tick anthology:

Comic Series:

The Tick 1-12 (same art as Chroma-Tick 1-12)
The Tick #13: Pseudo-Edition
The Tick: Karma Tornado 1-9
The Tick: The Tick and Arthur 1-6
The Tick: Heroes of the City 1-6
The Tick: The Luny Bin 0-4
The Tick: Big Blue Destiny 1-5
The Tick Color 1-6
The Tick Big X-mas Trilogy 1-3
The Tick Golden Age 1-3
The Tick: Circus Maximus 1-4 and Redux
The Tick: Giant Circus of the Mighty 1-3

One Shots:

Introducing The Tick #1
The Tick Big Halloween Special 2001
The Tick Halloween Special 2000
The Tick's Big Back to School Special #1
The Tick's Big Cruise Ship Vacation #1
The Tick Big Father's Day Special #1
The Tick Big Mother's Day Special #1
The Tick's Big Red-N-Green Christmas Spectacle #1
The Tick's Big Romance Special #1
The Tick's Big Summer Fun Special #1
The Tick's Big Year 2000 Spectacle
The Tick's Massive Summer Special #1
The Tick's Massive Summer Special #2
The Tick Halloween Special 1999
The Tick Summer Annual 1999
Tick Big Yule Log Special 1998
Tick Big Yule Log Special 1999
Tick Big Yule Log Special 2000
Tick Big Yule Log Special 2001
Tick's Incredible Internet Comic #1
Tick's Big Tax Time Terror #1

Promos & Ashcans:

The Tick Big Blue Destiny Ashcan
The Tick Black and Red

Tick & Artie:

Tick & Artie 1-2

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