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The Tick CD-ROM Comic

The Tick CD-ROM Comic:
The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold

First published: 1996

Published by Inverse Ink
PC reqs
: 2x CD-Rom - Win 3.1 or later 8mb RAM.
Mac reqs: Mac II 8 mb RAM system 7.0+ Mac 14 monitor with 256+ colors and Quicktime 2.1

The Tick CD-ROM Comic:
The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold

This CD-ROM comic is pretty much an exact copy of The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold cartoon. The format is an interactive comic; there are 20 comic-book style pages outlining the plot and there are sound and video files embedded into some of the frames.

For a review of the plot, check out The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold. Technologically speaking, this is a pretty keen product; it is a shame that it didn't catch on. There are 60 .MOV files on the CD, two of which I have posted here.

I would recommend picking this up from E-bay (search for it here) I got it for $1 plus $2 shipping and handling; the only other place I've seen it recently is New England Comics who is charging $17.95 for it.

Tick Videos:
The Surrender monologue
The Susan dialogue

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
and Arthur

This episode features these Supervillains:
, The Evil Arthur Clone, Mucus Tick

Tick splash page

This is the splash page from the CD-ROM Comic. Notice the ninjas and the stopsign; it would seem to allude to the original Ben Edlund Tick comics #1-12.



Programmer: Michael Parker
Audio Engineer: Richard Sumner
Original Music: Scott Hill, Bruvbit Productions;
Storyboards: Trina Robbins
Cat: Pixel
President: Lingtao Want, PhD
VP Marketing: Rita Harrington
VP Sales Western Region: Peter Holland
VP Sales Eastern Region: Mark Vian
Controller: Myoung Kang
Marketing Manager: David Weibel
PR Associate: Alex Curyea
Web Master: Arjun Kanodia
Special Thanks To: Ronald Bernbaum, Michael Fromstein, Derick Forster, Howard Hofbauer, Frederik Schultz, Moore & Price Design Group
Based on the television episode: Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold
Created by: Ben Edlund
Written by: Henry Gilroy
Directed by: Art Vitello
Executive Producers: Joe Bacal, Tom Griffin, C.J. Kettler
Producer: Art Vitello
Co-Producer: Ben Edlund
Supervising Writers: Ben Edlund, Richard Liebman-Smith
Executives in charge of Production: Carole Weitzman, Staphanie Graziano
Music and Title Song by: Doug Katsaros
Special Thanks To: Shannon Dashiell, Carol McGovney, Chris McCulloch, Dawn Rivera-Ernster, Sherry Stack
Sunbow Entertainment

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