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The Tick vs. The Breadmaster
Episode Five, Season One

Original air date: 10/8/1994
The Tick vs. The Breadmaster

The Breadmaster is and evil baker that uses baked goods to terrorize The City. The Tick and Arthur are shopping at Stuart's food mart when one of Breadmaster's loaves of doom goes off and destroys the building. Tick, ever vigilant, begins to suspect that evil is afoot...

Eventually, the Breadmaster and his sidekick, Buttery Pat, demand vast quantities of baking supplies and use them to create a soufle that will destroy the city...but The Tick uses The Human Bullet's cannon to shoot himself (see picture at right) over the soufle and makes it fall with a sonic boom.

The Tick vs. The Breadmaster is one of the first episodes with what I consider the "classic" Tick one-liners. For example: "Not baked goods, professor…Baked Bads!" and "I'm betting I'm just abnormal enough to survive!"

The Tick was fired out of The Human Bullet's cannon

The Tick after being shot out of the Human Bullet's cannon

The Tick eats a bread bomb

The Tick "defuses" a bread bomb

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Fire-me Boy, and The Human Bullet.

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Breadmaster
, Buttery Pat

Recipe for Evil!

A recipe for evil!


The Tick:
I am besmirched!
Yeast Devil! Back to the oven that baked you!
Musn't succumb to rapture of the bread!
Good show, Arthur! You've given me another shot at this thing called life!
Arthur! Puppy!
Details, Arthur! You're obsessing again…
Not baked goods, professor…Baked Bads!
Ah…50 seconds to defuse a loaf of bread…not good!
Breadmaster! Your culinary crimewave has crashed against the shores of justice!
Chef of chicanery…your buns are mine!
More thinking! We are well challenged, small friend!
I'm betting I'm just abnormal enough to survive!
The city looks almost peaceful under a blanket of freshly fallen soufle.

Stuart (the shopkeeper):

I don't have bread insurance

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