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Tick vs. Prehistory
Episode Thirty-five, Season Three

Original air date: 11/16/1996
Tick vs. Prehistory

Have you ever read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams? That story involves a restaurant that is chronologically located at the end of the universe and the patrons travel there via time machines to eat and witness the end of everything.

This episode borrows a bit from that idea, featuring a restaurant located about 3.5 million years ago. The Tick and Arthur wind up stuck in the distant past, but they're 'saved' when The Hotel Manager kidnaps their tribe of human-ape ancestors and takes them to the hotel to replace his waitstaff. Tick manages to overthrow the hotel staff and return his tribe to freedom and restore himself and Arthur to the 20th century.

Megatherium stepped on the time machine.

Well, it WAS a time machine...

Magetherium, the Giant Sloth

Arthur! He means to peal you like a grape!

The funniest things about this episode are seeing how Tick and Arthur adapt to their life in the ancient past. Tick adapts quickly and continues his daily patrols (Sabertooth Tiger…you face the Tick! The world's first superhero!) and he quickly manages to learn the ape-men's language. Arthur, on the other hand, does not adapt well at all, and spends most of his time screaming in frustration. Either way, it's hilarious to watch.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, and Speak

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Hotel Manager

Speak's Bath

Speak's Bath Day. Isn't he cute?
Cleanliness is next to dogliness! Oh, I'm sorry boy! I didn't mean it!


Speak Nap time

Speak bonds with the ape-man


The Tick:
Every citadel of justice should have its spans as spic as we do.
The apartment lies clean; soft underbelly exposed…vulnerable; who can tell where dirty will strike next!
Arthur! Monkey out of nowhere!
Don't move Arthur…it's got a timer…it must be some kind of…Monkey bomb!
So this is what kingdom come is like.
Good heavens, Arthur! He means to peal you like a grape!
Let me make this plain, herbivore! Arthur is neither vegetable nor fruit!
Well, it WAS a time machine, chum…
Sabertooth Tiger…you face the Tick! The world's first superhero!
Unhand me, metallic miscreant!
The ancient cave bear, battling its natural enemy, the robot…
Quit yanking my food chain!
Shouldn't be hard to spot a monkey in this barrel.
Why, we've just spent six months 3 and a half million years ago in the time it takes to soft boil an egg!
Arthur, the fourth dimension is just one big crazy do not enter clambake of wierdity! and how does it work? Never you mind!

I say evolution now!
Oh, he's just no good without his head.

Hotel Manager:
Oh, look at me! Look at me! I have speech! Aren't I special!
Monkey Bunny! I'll get you for this!

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