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The Tick vs. Reno, Nevada
Episode Twenty-five, Season Two

Original air date: 2/10/1996
The Tick vs. Reno, Nevada

This episode features annoying enter-trainers getting their comeuppance, The Tick's first weakness, a crazy fishmonger named Jack, and a fish magnet, but it still only manages 3 1/2 stars.

The villain of this show is The Fin; a dolphin that escapes from his entertrainers Soren and Frederica. Soren and Fred call Arthur for help (they met Arthur's parents when they were on vacation) and Tick and Arthur go to help. Unfortunately, once they arrive at Reno, they come face to face with The Tick's weakness; gambling! While the Tick is distracted by the slot machines, The Fin completes his greatest invention; the Fish Magnet!

Soren Frederica

Soren and Frederica: "We've lost our porpoise in life!"

We Look Cool!

Tick; "We look cool!"

Eventually, there is a great confrontation and The Tick manages to defeat The Fin and save the day by holding his breathe longer than the dolphin.

About the most entertaining character in this episode is Jack, the fishmonger. He's crazy and keeps talking to people in space about conspiracies; he reminds me of The Evil Midnight Bomber.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
and Arthur.

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Fin


The Tick:
Free Money!!!
OK Jack; this little minnow's been playin' hooky; any idea where it goes to school?
Come on pretty fruit; bring it home to daddy!
Only one quarter left; I think that qualifies as an emergency…
So Arthur; those wings of yours are pretty nice; what do you think they'd be worth?
My middle name used to be "helping people"! The Helping People Tick!
You know, for a lovable dolphin, he's pretty hostile.

Tick and The Fin

Can the Tick hold his breathe longer than a dolphin?

We've lost our porpoise!

I've reached my dolphinness through interpretive dance!
Porpoise power! Power to the porpoises?

The Fin:
Someone come and pummel this annoying person!
Money doesn't put fish on the table…Fish puts fish on the table!

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