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Episode Nineteen, Season Two

Original air date: 10/21/1995

Bloomsday is the second episode featuring El Seed. The episode opens up in the flower show where Professor Ichibana tells The Tick and Arthur about the 400 Year Bloom, a plant that will bloom "the bad way" if it isn't constantly exposed to music. Of course, El Seed promptly steals the bloom and sets it off...

Probably the two funniest things about this episode are (1) seeing American Maid and The Tick singing to the bloom...American Maid sings patriotic anthems like America the Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner to the bloom while Tick starts singing an Italian opera and (2) Human Bullet trying to get someone to fire him out of his cannon (Fire Me Boy was playing with his friends "like a normal kid" and his wife wouldn't do it; eventually Chet the neighbor came to the rescue)

400 Year Bloom

The 400 Year Bloom (blooming in the Bad way)

Business Card

Now you know where they live!

The question has been answered! The Tick sings an opera piece to the bloom; and thanks to Edward Pizzini we now know that it was "La Donna e' Mobile" from the opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi. Thanks, Edward!

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Human Bullet, and American Maid

This episode features these Supervillains:
El Seed, The Bee Twins, Rosebud


The Tick:
You love me…I love you not!
We must find that foul flora!
Hmmm….this is one of those thinking problems, isn't it?
Vile vine! now, maybe you'll think twice before you eat another human being!
Follow that allergy!

El Seed:
Those accursed supermonkeys have tossed themselves into my salad once again!
The plant kingdom is my kingdom!
I think I'm coming down with aphids!
Hey, Tick! Here is a gift horse for your mouth!
Eat my revolution, blue monkey!

Human Bullet's wife:
He's not here; he's out playing with his friends like a normal kid.
None of my friends' husbands make their wives blow them out of cannons.

American Maid:
You're coming down with me, El Seed!
You better turn over a new leaf, El Seed, or I'll turn it over for you!

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